I read this week that according to style experts, Britain is gearing up for a post lockdown beauty boom not seen since the Roaring 1920s. Apparently us lockdown-weary Brits are aching for the chance to dress up & socialise in safety again. One hundred years later it looks like history will repeat itself….

Make-up artist Ruby Hammer said “We are already putting emphasis on our eyes & eyebrows by virtue of having to wear a mask but when we can reveal a little bit more of our face we will go bonkers!”

I know from working in the beauty industry for the last 36 years that we all have a simple desire to feel good. In order to reconnect socially, our beauty treatments will be a huge part of that therapy. 

I shall end this week on a quote from F Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby, “Prepare yourself for a an age of miracles, an age of art & an age of excess” 

I’m simply looking forward to seeing you all again!